Family Visas


The rich cultural heritage of foreign countries is full of delightful surprises. With enormous occupational opportunities and diverse cultures make these countries the favourite destination to all people. The foreign countries provide a unique opportunity to the citizens and permanent residents of that country to sponsor their spouses, registered partners, parents and children to live and work there on permanent basis. Today everyone has a dream to live in overseas countries and savings in dollars, but if your family can stay with you, than it’s a golden opportunity. The family visas allow the husband, wife, civil partner, children and parents to join them permanently in overseas countries.

There are some categories for family visa:

  • Partner visa
  • Prospective marriage visa
  • Parent visa
  • Child visa remaining relative visa
  • Aged dependent visa
  • Carer visa

If you are under in any category then it’s the fabulous chance for you to join your family in overseas country.

Some countries allow the people to get the permanent residence in their home country and then the whole family can shift to overseas countries. Every country has the different rule and regulations which you have to follow to proceed your case. The optimum group gives you the Free Assessment for visas. You can discuss your case at any time with our experts. They will always ready to help you and guide you to take right decision.

Free Counselling

If you don’t have the right knowledge about your case and documentation then the chances of rejection are there. So the optimum group provides you the free counselling and gives you the proper information which is helpful to you. All your documents are tested by the expert.


The process of documentation is not easy task. The rules and regulations of the countries are not stable. The common people are not aware about these. But our experts are always updated themselves with these changes. They guides you what documents are required and what how to proceed for next processor.

File Processing

After documentation the file processor is also taken by optimum experts. You do not have any kind of anxiety. And you just have to wait for your visa which will surly acceptable by overseas government.

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