Study In USA

Studying abroad is just an astonishing experience. It is unique from the personal as well as academic point of view. And if its America there is nothing like that. Being for a few months in an international environment is the best opportunity to establish intercultural contacts, have a valuable insight into a different culture, learn a language and grow as a person. The American education system offers international students the most diverse set of options in the w. USA is known for its latest technologies and advancement in technical fields which gives the student a very good chance to make his/her future in their respective fields.

AN INTERNATIONAL CULTURE: The best part of American education, whether graduate or undergraduate is that you live and study with people of diverse backgrounds and nationalities. It may be possible that you may be sitting beside a highly reputed person or some noble laureate is taking your class. Such an interaction raises your mental level to its best.

QUALITY OF EDUCATION: A faculty of experts and intensive training through latest technology has drawn the interest of several students to pursue higher education in US. US education system has the positive reputation in the job market. US Universities attract world renowned faculty and are ahead in research and technological development and this helps the students to have practical knowledge about the subject. U.S. universities provide their students the best possible equipment and resources.


CHOICE OF INSTITUTE/COURSE: United States has more institutions of higher education than any other country. More than 4000 institutions offer undergraduates, post graduates, masters and doctorate degrees. You can choose a public or private university, a liberal arts college, a technical school, a women’s or men’s only college, a religiously-affiliated institution, and so forth.


FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: USA is one of the strongest economies of the world. An international student can find financial assistance in an American university by offering to help in its research projects which always need more and more assistants. Some institutions also provide financial assistance in the form of scholarship, fee waiver etc. . FLEXIBILITY: US education system is flexible in terms of choice of course with in a college or university. Even during studying a course you can transfer from one course to another. This unique quality of US education system makes it different from others.


PROFESSIONAL APPROCH: Besides learning you can also earn. International students can take up on campus jobs they are allowed to work 20 hrs per week during semester (on campus). On campus jobs may include teaching assistantship or research assistantship. On completion of the course, student is allowed to work for 1yr popularly known as OPT (optional practical training). Students with certain degrees are allowed to work for 29 months. On completion of the their OPT; the student can later apply for work on a H1 B visa (work permit visa).